The Classroom

Montessori observed that children are happiest in a prepared environment where every object has its place and activities are performed in an orderly way. In large, peaceful and attractive rooms, the confusions in a child’s life are minimal and he/she is freer to learn. Each child may choose his/her own activity and pursue it for as long as he/she wishes without interference, working alone or with others. When children are absorbed in activities which to them are interesting and constructive, issues of discipline are minimized and there is a spirit of mutual respect.

Each class is a mixed-age grouping. This enables children to help and learn from each other and to develop at their own pace without the pressure of competition.

The materials in the classroom can be used with a minimum of adult instruction. Montessori materials isolate specific concepts such as size and shape. They help the child to develop his/her sense perceptions and to learn on a concrete level. Sand feels heavy; when it is put as sandpaper on letters, it feels scratchy and appeals to the child’s touch as well as sight. The young child concentrates on many practical life exercises such as buttoning, shoe tying, pouring and washing.

There are also many open-ended materials in the room. Blocks, Lego and painting all encourage the child to explore his/her world freely. The range of exercises extends from the youngest child’s interest in his/her immediate environment to the older child’s increasing awareness of abstract concepts.


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